Universal Future

In the whole process of evolution, human species never had a viable strategy of individual survival. Homo sapiens became the greatest success story of Life on Earth and reached the current Anthropocene age riding on an initial version of group survival strategy.

The above predefined the rational evolution of Human Civilization as a spiritual dimension of group survival strategy that unlocks the energy and the capability of human beings to mutually defend their strategic self-interest by generating civilizational values.

Universal Future is a global governance project designed on the principles of Civilizational Thinking that represents the ultimate existential meaning of human civilization: the condition of sustainable long-term prosperity of each individual human being as a quantum of Humankind.

The Basics:

Throughout history, the inquisitive drive and inventive power of human nature fuelled a relatively autonomous, but intensive process of improving our tools: the technological advance. That is how we reached our 21st century point of time: a world intensely globalized and saturated with state of the art machines, but governed by humans who are still decomposed into tribes that seek dominance in the way they did thousands of years ago. We, Humans, learned how to make atomic bombs before we learned how to live together.

This increasing disparity between exponential technological advance and delayed civilizational thinking constitutes a high degree threat to the existence of Humankind for one simple reason: Biologically, human species has all the time survived in groups – as a social animal; but as social animals human beings never qualified for the higher levels of what animal sociality has already achieved. That defines us, humans, as underdeveloped social animals, which allows us to kill each other and destroy each other’s property. And when we fight, very naturally we fight with the best weapons we hold in our hands.

From economy point of view, we are suffering astronomical losses not only from real violence and conflicts: the fear of real confrontation presses us to spend (or more precisely to waste) on security and arms every year globally close to 20 trillion USD. That figure does not include the even bigger indirect losses caused by the current rigid rules that lock edge technologies exclusively for military and security purposes and does not allow their use in mass large-scale production, and also the reality that top IQ human brain potential of the world are employed in the non-productive areas of defense, security, i.e. in protection human lives and material values from violence related activities. That makes us, besides being civilizationally underdeveloped, also economically unwise.

Under the above circumstances, the current version of human race on planet Earth faces three possible scenarios:

  1. The Restart – When a state actor in an everyday fight for dominance, or a violent non-state actor, triggers a full scale war that evolves into intensity where powerful mass destruction weapons would be used. The Restart scenario would appear as an “end of the world” type of global tragedy only to us, the Homo sapiens species. To what we call “Nature”, it will be just one more of the billions evolutionary experiments that would be routinely archived as “non-survivable”.
  2. The Political Self-Upgrade – deep reforming of current international and national political systems monitored by functionally redesigned analogue of United Nations Security Council with denationalized decision making process.
  3. The Artificial Intelligence Upgrade – humans design and empower an AI “bionic implant” into the human political system that monitors developments in real time, recognizes emerging structural problems and conflicts, and takes full charge to autonomously resolve processes that might potentially evolve into large-scale disasters of any character. This third option would be the last resort of preserving the current version of human civilization in case human nature proves to be incompatible with the ideas of exiting in a non-violence community. As it is an option that diminishes the concept of humans as superior biological creatures, the reasons to assist Artificial Intelligence Upgrade might be logically weaker than the reasons in support to proceeding directly to the Restart option.

Universal Future is a project in support of the Political Self-Upgrade option through re-designing the global political environment into a universal multifaceted platform, on which all polities in their ideological, political, national, cultural, ethnic, religious, racial, etc. diversity exist, interrelate and compete with each other on non-violence basis – by following incontestable rules that are optimized to protect core values of human civilization. Monitored under United Nations special agreement and guaranteed by a Security Council with denationalized policy making process.

The highest acceptable intensity of violence might be that of soccer fans clashing around pubs near the stadiums.

Because the mission of human spirit is to confront challenges that civilizationally stand orders higher than tribes of Homo sapiens fighting each other, a new generation of Warriors will emerge from the current national and regional military organizations personnel, police force and security structures – Heroes, inspired by the ultimate motivation to defend the genuine values of human dignity and the prosperity of Humankind.

Some might think Universal Future is a political science fiction. It is not, because for more than 180 years we are witnessing a perfectly functioning prototype – a sociopolitical environment where people of different ethnicity, culture and religion, who speak different languages, live together without violence and enjoy a high living standard in continuous prosperity. It is called Switzerland.

The vehicle to get to the Universal Future is Civilizational Thinking – an open source process that generates relevant ideas and induces the appropriate real politics.

Just like the policy making in ancient Greece cities, where free people gathered on public places called Agora to live discuss and decide together what is best for them and for their future.